What is Anti Social Social Club?

Anti Social Social Club is the name of the popular brand usually known as a streetwear brand. It was mainly found in Los Angeles. In 2015, the world has experienced the hype of this brand. Actually, it becomes famous in a short interval just after its creation. Its founder is said to lớn be an over ego person. His name is Neek Lurk. He has his major contributions khổng lồ the brand known as Stussy. Stussy was started in 1980 by a well-known person Shawn Stussy.

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Stussy was a leading American Clothing brand at its peak time. Anti Social Social Club is abbreviated as ASSC. Neek Lurk worked in his previous company as Social sale Manager. As it is obvious from its name that it is related lớn social media. So this brand was introduced through Instagram. After some time it has been known khổng lồ the world as the most followed and leading brand of clothing. The origin of this brand was Los Angeles. Further ahead you will see more in-depth on this brand.

Founder of Anti Social Social Club (ASSC):

Neek Lurk is well known on the internet. His real name is Andrew Buenaflor. He has cleared his Business management at Nevada but he thought it better to lớn remain in the world of the internet. He has made his following by making a thread in the forum. His thread name was What Did You Wear Today (WDYWT). This thread leads him khổng lồ get some traffic so that few of the people know him well.

His clothing styles which have his long hairs with his traditional jeans and shirt made his thread lớn a different viewing level. You probably know of the brand, YEEZY. Yeezy wears jeans because of the Neek Lurk. Và that’s the thing which has created his vision towards clothing.

How khổng lồ Differentiate Between Real và Fake one:

Through this point, you will now be able to spot the real & fake items in a couple of seconds.

Check the print from the front. It is not uncommon for the letters “A” and “S” khổng lồ be too thick & too soft.Verify the print at the rear.Please, make sure the font size and the shape of the letters “L” và “C” are correct as well.
Official Sites are not preferred by people! Why?

There are some factors that are really common before a customer buys something. If something is wrong with these factors then the customer loses his trust. Following are factors for the official site not to be proper for shopping. We have summarized them after some user reviews.

Anti Social Social Club Hoodies:

Basically, there is the trend of Anti Social Social Club Hoodies & logo trend on the hoodies. So that people liked lớn buy these types of hoodies. The stock is totally up to the mark, and you will find every ASSC hoodie here in the quantity you want. The unique which you are not getting from the official site will be available to lớn you here. You can also have different variations according khổng lồ the colors và sizes.

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Anti Social Social Club Shirts:

Trends are showing that Anti Social Social Club Shirts logos are being seen on Tees. As a result, tees of this type sell well. There is plenty of ASSC Teesin stock just as you would like. From here on out, you will have access lớn the quality that is not available on the official website? You can also pick the colors and sizes that suit your preferences.

Anti Social Social Club Sweatshirts:

Basically, Anti Social Social Club hình ảnh trend on the sweatshirt is an important part of popular culture. People liked lớn buy these sweatshirts, so they are more likely to buy more of them. Everything you want is in stock, you can choose what kích thước you want và how many you want. With us, you will receive the chất lượng that you are not getting on the official site. You can also change the colors và sizes in accordance with the varied requirements.

Customer Service:

Anti Social Social Club Official Site has nearly become nothing for them because they are providing their customers the thing which they are wanting. Their customer service really becomes cheap because they are not giving their customer the thành phầm within the mentioned timeframe. There are tons of views on the trang web with many orders.

Those who have ordered their hoodies which are in thousands of amount did not have them till now. A trend started that people should not wait for more than 3 months for the simple hoodie is really wrong. So that the Neek Lurk’s Instagram which is now deleted followed with the trending hashtag of “wheresmyhoodiebro”.

The unique from ASSC:

The customer always wanting for the products lớn have good và better chất lượng at all. But the founder always found khổng lồ post pictures of him with the hoodie or clothing which he wants to lớn be trendy. They did not rely on the chất lượng of the product rather they focus on the trend. This thing also a factor for the loss of reliability và trust on the official site of Anti Social Social Club.

The Ego:

Neek Lurk the founder of ASSC worked for the streetwear brand which is mentioned before as Stuffy. His ego has exploited the brand. By focusing comments & caption for the haters of his brands. These captions & comments have made normal people thua kém their trust in the ASSC. This was only the reason that the fans had canceled their pre-orders as well.

Why Anti Social Social Club Shop?

“The Quantity and Quality” is the main thing which makes us be well known in this field. Because we are providing our customers the best chất lượng which they are lacking from the official site. So this thing makes our trust và the requirements of the fans are fulfilled as well. Another thing is that we have a vast field of products here. You can have lớn products as much as you can. There is never be a shortage for you anymore.